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One of the activities that is gaining great benefits from using satellite
radio is boating. The reason is pretty obvious. When you boat
offshore, even on large lakes, you lose radio reception. Soon after
you leave the dock, you can't listen to any radio broadcast. Since
boating is a leisure activity, it is nice to have music without bringing
CDs, and to stay connected to the world. Even if you're just fishing
there's no reason to lose contact with your favorite radio station.

Today marine satellite radio should be a consideration for on-board
entertainment. Many boats, especially in the cruiser classes, come
with satellite radios preinstalled. But even if you don't have a built
in satellite radio, you can still enjoy a portable one. Both XM and
Sirius offer excellent portable options to choose from. Extending the
range of receivers, boaters and sailors won't believe their ears as
crystal clear, commercial-free streaming satellite radio pours out of
the speakers wherever the tide takes them. Sirius and XM offer
over 100 streams of digital quality radio transmitted across the
continental US. Along with offering a full spectrum of music genres,
users can also listen to popular news, entertainment and sports

marine satellite radio

One of the latest practical developments for marine satellite radio is
the weather conditions alerts. XM's exclusive Threat Matrix
technology provides immediate alerts on developing weather
conditions, such as hail, tornado and storm warnings, mapped to the
boaters specific location and sailing route. XM is also sending live
data, including traffic, sports, stocks, and other dynamic information,
directly to the boat or ship. Boaters will have the option to listen to
current and developing weather conditions and multi-day forecasts.

XM's two most popular marine satellite radios are the MyFi and SKYFi
line. Additional elements of the kit include a wireless FM adaptor, a
XM marine satellite radio antenna Toshiba satellite. The
breakthrough new service complements the award-winning XM
NavTraffic real-time traffic data service. Threat Matrix is the name of
the real-time weather-tracking service behind XM Satellite Radio's
new NavWeather feature.

Sirius also has a weather alert service, through WSI Corp., a leading
provider of premium weather services and precision forecasts. WSI
will provide SIRIUS with a full suite of marine weather. Sirius plans
to create a special marine weather service that will include a variety
of graphical and text information, including water surface
temperatures, lightning strikes, coast-to-coast U.S. and Canadian
weather radar, storm tracking, winds and wave heights.

In fact, Sirius has a strong position in the satellite radio content for
the boating industry. Sirius broadcasts the marine weather data at
the highest level of quality and data resolution. Sirius also plans to
introduce a new data receiver for use in conjunction with this service.

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