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Online access to satellite radio can be a very convenient
entertainment. Whether at home or at work, you can now listen to
your favorite radio station through your internet connection.
Obviously, if you listen to satellite radio through your desktop, you
don't need to buy additional equipment, though a good sound
system could be a good idea.

So a business or personal computer can simply be hooked up to
commercial sound equipment, allowing the sound coming from a
streaming audio source to play over the system's speakers. But it's
not only convenient, sometimes is the only way to listen to satellite
radio. How's that?

For example, SIRIUS has three satellites in orbit over the United
States, with the construction of a fourth to be completed by the end
of 2008. However, the placement of the satellites' orbit makes
SIRIUS available only to residents of the Continental U.S. For many
others - like in Alaska or Hawaii, the only way to listen to satellite
radio is through the online delivery.

The online access to satellite radio is also useful to businesses in
the Continental U.S. because they occasionally face building and
landlord constraints. For offices located in high rises, or those
surrounded by high rises, reception can be a real problem. Some
businesses are unable to mount the 10.5-inch antenna due to lease
restrictions from their property management. However, accessing
the streaming audio online requires no antenna at all!

online satellite radio

Another aspect of online satellite radio is royalties. In order for a
business to play music for its customers and employees, performance
royalties must be paid per song, and stiff fines await those who
neglect the payment of these fees. Businesses also face the
challenge of finding suitable music to play in their establishment. CDs
are repetitive, and terrestrial radio comes fraught with aggravating
commercials, and worse, advertising for competitors.

But SIRIUSBusiness subscriptions eliminate these hassles by
including all music royalties for their 69 commercial-free music-only
channels, 44 of which are screened for offensive material.
Another important component of the SIRIUSBusiness subscription is
the inclusion of access to SIRIUS' online streaming audio.

Today there are 72 million online radio listeners per month and only
13 million satellite radio listeners. By using the online satellite radio
feature, the satellite radio suppliers will gain new audiences. This
also means that a Hawaiian franchise location of a major U.S. brand
can log on to SIRIUS' site and play the very same music their
Continental counterparts are playing in their stores at that moment.

In the business arena, SIRIUSBusiness is the first true competitor to
Muzak and DMX due to its online and satellite delivery systems, as
well as a strict no-contract policy for its customers. Unlike its
competitors, SIRIUS' satellites are in an elliptical orbit directly above
the U.S., allowing a strong signal to be received regardless of time
of day or weather. By comparison, Muzak and DMX's satellites are
positioned in geosynchronous orbits, meaning the satellites hover
over the equator in the very same position at all times. Reception
from these satellites is greatly affected by weather and the time of

Another good example of free online satellite radio is AOL radio,
offering dozens of free music channels with very few commercials. So
apart from the business related needs for online satellite radion, the
entertainment world will give it a very strong push in the years to

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