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Satellite radio pros:

No range limitations - You can listen to the same channel regardless
of your location in the continental USA.

Clarity - Sound quality approaches CD-like qualities.

Choice - Over 100 channels are available of various music genres.

Reception is not as sensitive to weather conditions.

Satellite radio cons:

Initial cost - Satellite radio receivers cost much more to acquire.

Low subscribership - XM radio has around 3 million subscribers, while
Sirius has around 1 million. These numbers pale in comparison to the
numbers of broadcast radio listeners.

You will be unable to receive music from your local radio stations.

Subscription fees - Monthly fees of $10-$13.

Broadcast radio pros:

"Free" listening.

Marketplace is saturated with walkmans, portable radios, etc.

Better wearability - broadcast radio can be enjoyed almost anywhere.

Broadcast radio systems cost significantly less than their satellite
radio counterparts.

Broadcast radio cons:

Reception quality - sound quality can be dubious depending on
weather conditions.

Limited to radio stations within range of the radio reception range.

Listeners are 'slaves' to playlists of potentially mediocre radio stations.

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