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A SIRIUS Satellite radio receiver is where the controls for selecting
channels, categories, playing artists, and song information are
located. The receiver comes with a discreet antenna for your car,
docking station and power cable to connect SIRIUS in a few easy

Sirius satellite radio receiver gives you a wide range of entertainment
choices not found on your local stations. You're no longer limited to
listening in your car. The Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver is a palm-
sized portable Sirius satellite tuner that plays 120 channels of
satellite radio programming in 13 categories, such as music, news,
sports, talk, and entertainment. You can choose from 65 commercial-
free music channels, save 18 channels on preset buttons or seek and
select your music by the channel name, by artist or composer, or by
the song title. The program alert option enables the receiver to tune
itself to a pre-selected channel at a pre-selected time.

The plug-and-play Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver is specifically
designed to mount in a vehicle, indoors or outdoors. Listen through
headphones or connect to the Sirius Xact Boom Box or Sirius Xact
Home & Car Kit to listen on the go or in your home. Using the built-in
wireless FM transmitter, you can select one of five available FM
stations to play it through your car stereo.

The included wireless remote control mirrors the operations of the
receiver. You'll be able to control the receiver from across the room
or far from your car. The Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver has a real-time
clock, updated via satellite, so you don't have to set it. You can
program the receiver to shut down after a pre-selected period of time
from 15 minutes to one hour. Additional features include adjustable
brightness and contrast.

sirius satellite radio receiver

As a protective measure for your children, you can temporarily lock
the panel or front panel controls of your Sirius Satellite Radio
Receiver. When you intend to tune in to these particular channels,
your receiver will require you to enter the four-digit access password
you have selected.

Sirius' S50 satellite radio receiver is an intelligent leap forward in
satellite radio technology, providing integration of both live and time-
shifted content for portable use. The receiver includes MP3/WMA
support and the My SIRIUS Studio PC Software. The simplified user
interface has a brilliant color screen, contextual media dial, and voice
prompts for safe driving.

Sirius S50 is a personalized satellite radio experience both on air and
off. The many docking options have a simplified user interface for live
content and up to 50 hours of intelligent time-shifted playback. The
slim portable player connects with the PC for downloading digital
audio files from your personal music collection.

The latest in Satellite Radio technology combines live reception within
the home, car, or office with a portable player which boasts a full
color screen and over 50 hours of content storage. Add your favorite
MP3ís to recorded exclusive content from Sirius for personalized play
lists with the PC Software.

When placed in a powered dock with an antenna, the Sirius S50
receives live broadcasts from Sirius Radio and records content for
playback in the home, car or when portable. Here are its main
* Portable; take your favorite Sirius content wherever you go
* USB interface allows user to store and manage MP3 and WMA files
* My Sirius Channels feature gathers and refreshes your 3 most
listened-to music channels
* My Sirius Songs feature allows you to save your favorite songs
* Scheduled Recording feature allows you to record your favorite
segments on any channel
* My Playlists feature allows you to supplement Sirius content with
your own personal library when attached through the included USB
cable or home dock to a PC
* Voice-assisted navigation
* Optional Executive, car and home docks to expand your listening

The Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver requires Sirius satellite radio
service, a subscription service available through

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