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SIRIUS broadcasts Music, News, Sports, Kids, Talk, and Traffic
channels. The following are the specific channels accessible in each

Pop Streams
Ch 1
Ch 2
Ch 3
Ch 4
Ch 5
Ch 6
Ch 7
Ch 8
Ch 10 US-1
The Pulse
Movin' Easy
Sirius Gold
60's Vibration
Totally 70's
Big 80's
Spirit Top 40 Hits
The 90's & Now
Adult Contemporary
Easy Listening
Best of the 50's
Best of the 60's
Best of the 70's
The Awesome 80s
Christian Hits

Rock Streams
Ch 15
Ch 16
Ch 17
Ch 18
Ch 20
Ch 21
Ch 22
Ch 23
Ch 24
Ch 25
Ch 26
Ch 27
Ch 28 The Rock
The Vault
Jam Central
The Trend
Alt Nation
First Wave
Big Rock
Organic Rock
The Bridge
Left of Central
Hard Attack
Sirius Blues
Classic Rock
Deeper Classic Rock
Jam Bands
Adult Alternative
Modern Rock
Alternative Rock
Classic Alternative
Stadium Rock
Eclectric Rock
Mellow Rock
Underground Indie
Hard Attack
Sirius Blues
Country Streams
Ch 31
Ch 32
Ch 35
Ch 36
Ch 37 New Country
Country Road
Road House
The Border
Bluegrass Today's Country Hits
Country Mix
Classic Country
Alternative Country
Hip-Hop Streams
Ch 40
Ch 41
Ch 42
Ch 43
Ch 44 Hip-Hop Nation
Planet Rhyme
Back Spin
Street Beat Today's Rap
International Rap
Back Spin
Street Beat
R&B Streams
Ch 50
Ch 51
Ch 52
Ch 53 Hot Jamz
Heart & Soul
Slow Jamz
Soft Revue Urban Contemporary
R&B Hits
Soul Ballads
Classic Soul
Dance Streams
Ch 60
Ch 62
Ch 63
Ch 64
Ch 66
Ch 68 House Party
The Rave
Planet Dance
The Vortex
The Beat
The Strobe House Music
Non-Stop Club Mix
Mainstream Dance
Dance Hits
Jazz/Standards Streams
Ch 70
Ch 71
Ch 72
Ch 73
Ch 75
Ch 77 Planet Jazz
Jazz Cafe
Pure Jazz
Swing Street
Fantasy Ballroom
Broadway's Best Contemporary Jazz
Smooth Jazz
Classic Jazz
Fantasy Ballroom
Show Music
Classical Streams
Ch 80
Ch 82
Ch 85 Symphony Hall
Classical Voices Symphonic
Chamber Works
Classical Voices
Variety Streams
Ch 90
Ch 91
Ch 92
Ch 94
Ch 95
Ch 96
Ch 98
Ch 99
Ch 100 Universo Latino
Reggae Rhythms
Folk Town
Kids Stuff
Sirius Sessions Latin Pop Mix
New Age
World Music
Live Features
News Streams
Ch 101
Ch 102
Ch 103
Ch 104
Ch 105
Ch 106
Ch 107
Ch 108
Ch 109
Ch 110
Ch 111
Ch 112
Ch 113
Ch 114
Ch 115
Ch 116 CNBC
Bloomberg News
ABC News & Talk
Headline News
FOX News
NPR Talk
Public Radio Channel
Weather Channel
Weather East
Weather Central
Weather West
BBC World Service
World Radio Service
BBC Munde
Sports Streams
Ch 120
Ch 121
Ch 122
Ch 123
Ch 124
Ch 125
Ch 126
Ch 128 ESPN Radio
Sports Byline
Sirius Sports
Sports 1
Sports 2
Sports 3
Radio Deportivo
Entertainment Streams
Ch 130
Ch 131
Ch 132
Ch 133
Ch 134
Ch 135
Ch 136
Ch 137
Ch 138
Ch 139
Ch 140
Ch 141
Ch 142
Ch 143
Ch 144
Ch 145
Ch 146
Ch 147
Ch 149
Ch 184 Radio Disney
Sirius Trucking Network
WSM Entertainment
Radio Classics
Court TV
Sirius Entertainment
E! Entertainment
A&E Radio
Discovery Radio
La Red Hispana
Radio Amigo
Radio Mujer
Word Network
Wisdom Radio
Sirius Right
Sirius Left
Sirius Talk
Sirius Comedy
Preview Stream

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