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Your satellite radio tuner is part of the satellite radio package, which
includes the satellite radio antenna, the tuner, the receiver
(sometimes combined with the tuner), and of course, a subscription
with the satellite radio provider. There is a large selection of satellite
radio tuners on the market, with various styles and designs. More
and more renowned manufacturers are stepping in with high-quality
options, in order to compete on this dynamic market.

Before deciding which satellite radio tuner you want to buy, you need
to choose where you'll be listening to your satellite radio. That's
because tuners are designed for specific locations. For instance,
there are tuners designed specifically for home use, for car use and
for plug and play, which allow usage in multiple locations via specially
designed docking stations.

In addition to receiving the satellite signal via the receiver and
antenna, most satellite radio tuners include well-lit LCD screens
which display various information. Things like the artist, the song's
name, the station and so on. They also allow for storing of titles and
all kinds of alarm functions, letting you know when a particular
favorite is going to be on. Sirius offers a special tuner called The
Sportster which offers enhanced features for sports enthusiasts,
including larger displays for scores and statistics and alarm functions
to let fans know when their favorite teams are playing.

satellite radio tuner

The main objective of the satellite radio tuner is to pass the satellite
signal from the antenna to the receiver. External tuners are only
necessary for built in satellite radios which come with the car you
have ordered. Since satellite radio products are designed to work
in specific locations, there 3 basic types of satellite radio tuners to
* Plug-and-play satellite radio tuners
compact, portable tuners that may be transferred from one
location to another;
require separate accessory kits for use in the car or the home;
many work with a portable boombox that can be used literally
anywhere you can get a satellite signal (like the beach, camping,
at a ballgame, picnic, etc.);
require only one subscription, regardless of the number of kits or
boomboxes you use them with.
* Satellite radio tuners for the car (3 types)
Universal tuners can work with any in-dash receiver via an FM
modulator, a cassette adapter, or a line output;
Satellite radio-ready in-dash receivers will control an external
satellite radio tuner;
In-dash receivers with a built-in satellite radio tuner;
* Home satellite radio tuners
Component-style satellite radio home tuners that look at home on
your home stereo rack

If you want satellite radio in your car, but demand the best sound
quality, go with an in-dash receiver with a built-in satellite radio
tuner, a satellite radio-ready receiver connected to an external
satellite radio tuner, or a plug-and-play satellite radio tuner
connected to your car stereo's auxiliary input.

Although it may sound like your satellite radio ready car is all set to
get XM or SIRIUS, that's usually not the case. Typically, the car will
have an in-dash radio that will work with a satellite radio tuner, but
the tuner itself, and the required antenna, are not yet installed. Your
dealer may quote a price of several hundred dollars or more for the
equipment and installation. The good news though is that you don't
have to go with a dealer-installed tuner and antenna; you can
purchase aftermarket gear and install it yourself for great results
and big savings. However, you will be giving up one benefit of the
factory option: a very clean installation, with no visible hardware.

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