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Any satellite radio requires an antenna to receive radio signals from
satellites. Moreover, antennas of satellite receivers that work
through the Sirius service need to work at the exact frequency of
Sirius. Just like XM, Sirius have their own line of products and
equipment, which give enhanced quality for their transmission. This
includes Sirius satellite radio antennas. So it's obvious that Sirius
satellite radio antennas are essential if you’re subscribed to Sirius.
Let's have a look at some of the satellite radio antennas.

Sirius Radio Home Indoor/Outdoor antenna plugs into most home
Sirius receivers and allows you to receive satellite programming. The
antenna contains a base and a hinged antenna element which
allows it to be aimed for best reception. The cable terminates into a
single SMB connector. This antenna works with all single input Sirius
home radios. Single input Sirius Satellite Radios have one Antenna
Jack, vs. some older models which have two inputs.

This antenna has the following specifications:
* SHAPE: Rectangular
* COLOR: Black
* DIMENSIONS: 2 3/4 inches by 3 1/4 inches by 1 1/8 height (folded)
* WEIGHT: 9 oz.
* CABLE LENGTH/TYPE: 21-Foot RG-174 coaxial cable
* ANTENA CONNECTOR: SMB Straight connector
* MOUNTING: Table top or slide on screw mounts INCLUDES
* Antenna and cable ONLY

sirius satellite antenna

The antenna element is hinged to the base which allows you to aim
the element up to a 90° angle from the base. Because the Sirius
Satellite signal is delivered by three satellites in a high
geosynchronous orbit, the best mounting location depends
somewhat upon the particular geographic area of the continental
United States you live in. The mounting location is generally
determined by the portion of the house that faces the north central
U.S. (particularly southwest Minnesota) without obstruction. The
antenna can be mounted in one of three locations:
* Roof Mount: The best mounting location is on the roof with the
element facing directly upward
* Wall Mount: The second best location is on an outside wall, away
from an obstructing overhang
* Window Mount: The third best location is at a window, away from
an obstructing overhang
* Bolt Pattern: The base has a 4-hole "keyhole" bolt pattern for
securing to the mounting location. The pattern is 1-3/16" x 1-7/16"

The Sirius Outdoor Mast - Mount Home Antenna is another good
option. This mast-mount antenna gives you twice as much power
when receiving the Sirius signal. Combined with its easy positioning
mast and versatile mounting options, this antenna will help you get
you a good satellite signal! Extend the reception of your Sirius
satellite radio tuner with this high quality antenna from Directed
Electronics. The antenna is encased in a durable, weatherproof
housing that bracket-mounts to walls, roofs and mast surfaces,
providing optimum versatility in placement. Reception can be fine-
tuned using the adjustable angle base and antenna to zero in on the
signal. The included 30 feet of RG-58 cable allows ample scope for
connection in most residential applications (tuner sold separately;
subscription required).

• Adjustable angle base and antenna for maximum signal reception
on multiple mounting surfaces
• Durable weatherproof housing
• Bracket mounts to wall, roof, and mast surfaces
• 30-foot RG-58 cable
• SMB termination connector

Terk has also a few excellent antennas. The Terk SIR6 SIRIUS
Outdoor Antenna is compact and surprisingly easy to install. Its
weather-resistant design is able to withstand years of abuse from
the elements. The universal mounting bracket easily attaches to a
wall, roof, balcony, or mast. It includes 30 feet of cable which
detaches for easy routing. Extend the 30 foot cable with up to 2 -
SIRIUS 50 foot extensions. In the box package you can find:
* SIR6 Antenna with arm
* Universal mounting bracket
* 30 feet of RG58 coaxial cable
* Protective rubber boot
* Owners manual

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