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Don't you find it frustrating how the signal of your favorite radio station
becomes static and fades whenever you venture too far away from
town? You've probably noticed that you constantly have to change the
radio station due to loss of signals. Unfortunately, we all experience
this problem because radio signals are only capable of traveling up to
about 35 miles from their main source. This can be very annoying
especially if your favorite song is playing and just happens to fade out.

But don't despair! There is a great new solution around: satellite radio!
Now you can drive from Los Angeles, California to Detroit, Michigan
listening to the same radio station throughout the entire trip. On top of
that you get static free music with little or no commercials.

Satellite radio is to radio what cable is to television. One of the big
advantages of satellite radio is the offering of numerous program
choices. Satellite radio has more than 4 million subscribers already.
For a monthly admission price ranging from $10 to $13, everyone can
choose now from hundreds of satellite radio stations, delivered at
CD-like sound quality.

There are two major players providing satellite radio programming:
Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio. WorldSpace is another
player in the satellite programming arena, but the US isn't currently
within their broadcasting area.

Sirius launched its service in February 2002 and reached 250,000
subscribers by 2004. At the end of 2004 the number of subscribers
swelled to 1.14 million. According to a recent PR, more than 3.2
million subscribers currently use the XM satellite radio service.

Satellite radio works through the use of three orbiting satellites more
than 22,000 miles away. Sirius uses these satellites to broadcast over
120 channels of music, talk shows, news and sports to listeners
throughout the continental United States. Around 65 of those channels
have zero commercials. Sirius also broadcasts NBA games and many
major college games, being a satellite radio partner of the NFL.

Both satellite radio companies (XM and Sirius) offer programming by
well-known personalities such as popular "shock jock" Howard Stern
who announced that he'd join Sirius. By doing that, Stern would be free
from government regulations over his show's content. Bob Edwards is
another well-known personality who served for 25 years as the voice of
National Public Radio's "Morning Edition, and can be found on XM
Satellite Radio.

Satellite radio also offers programming geared for kids, including the
Radio Disney Channel, and other channels provide family fare.
You can listen to satellite radio in your home, vehicle, RV and office.
Satellite radio receivers are also currently offered in many popular
new vehicles as either standard or as a dealer-installed option.
They're also available in rental cars and on some airplane flights.

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