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If you're not going to buy a car with a built in satellite radio, or if
you're going to use a portable device, you'll probably have to mount
it. There are lots of mounting solutions on the market, for both Sirius
and XM satellite radios. In order to mount your satellite radio
properly, your first step would be to decide where you are going to
mount it and then purchase the specific kit for your satellite radio.

satellite radio mounts

Here are a few popular mounting options:
* Vehicle Specific Mount - VSM
A mount with a factory-like look and fit. It keeps your Sirius or XM
radio accessible without damage to the vehicle.

* WindowMate
The WindowMate is a premium, suction mount for windshield.
Includes an integrated swivel with an AMPS hole pattern

* The Bug
Great for light weight control heads like the Starbase and Starmate.
Flexible base secures on dash or windshield near rearview mirror.

* Semi Truck VSM
A VSM made exclusively for semi trucks. This chromed, custom mount
is rugged and has a factory-like look and fit.

* VSM Legend
The Legend allows you to pivot the satellite radio receiver 30 in any
direction without locking mechanisms.

* UltiMount V2
A universal mount that installs in seconds and can be swiveled,
rotated and adjusted to virtually any position.

* LoBoy
Swivels and rotates to nearly any angle. The 'L' bracket allows
horizontal or vertical applications. Attaches with a 3M adhesive,
flexible base.

* Semi Truck Antenna Mount
A mount with a factory-like look and fit. It attaches to wing style
mirrors to hold micro-magnetic antennas.

The satellite radio mounts are a popular choice for securing all types
of handheld portable devices in a motor vehicle. From cellular phones
to PDA's, to portable MP3 players and portable satellite radios, these
custom mounts add versatility and durability with a factory like
appearance to your vehicle or home interior. Most mounts are
commonly installed by technicians, but most handy consumers can
also install them with confidence.

Usually a mounting kit will include a dash trim panel tool, a vehicle
specific XM or Sirius radio mount and a PH-Mini adapter. The radio
mounts are the ideal way to keep your satellite radio device in the
perfect viewing position when on the move. And when we say in the
move, it can be in your car, truck, SUV, commercial semi truck,
motorcycle, boat, plane, golf cart or just about anywhere.

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