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Buying an RV and traveling the country with it means that you're
actually transferring your daily life from your static home to a mobile
vehicle. At least for a while. If you do that or if you're planning to do
that, there is absolutely no reason to compromise on your daily
pleasures. One of them is listening to the radio.

In the old am/fm days, you'd have to change stations along the way,
experience program interruptions and enjoy a pretty mediocre sound.
With the satellite radio, you get a whole new experience. It's a
totally different world and it's worth every buck.

Satellite radio is definitely a growing technology and each month the
number of people receiving its broadcasting continues to grow
steadily. If you're traveling the US, you'll need to subscribe first to
either XM or Sirius. They are the companies that have received
approval by the FCC to broadcast digital radio across the entire US
by satellite.

Once you have a subscription to a satellite radio providers service,
all you need at that point is the equipment to receive the signal and
play it. If your RV is already equipped with a built-in satellite radio,
then all you have to do is hit the road and enjoy. If you haven't got
a satellite radio in your RV yet, you can buy the receivers and
antennas online or at local electronics stores. Generally, you can
save money by buying the equipment online and then having it
installed in your RV locally.

RV satellite radio

Your choices for RV satellite radio equipment include plug-and-pla
y units that can be used both at home and in your RV, dedicated
car/RV radio units, and small portable units that can taken almost
anywhere. At this point there are plenty of electronics manufacturers
that have cooperated with both XM and Sirius in producing high
quality equipment that will receive each provider's unique signal. In
other words, if you're subscribed to XM you'll need the equipment
that can receive XM's radio signal. The same with Sirius. This is a
very important issue because if your RV is already equipped with a
satellite radio, you'll have to subscribe to the company that your
radio has been designed to work with.

Travelers who experience the benefits of the satellite radio for the
first time are amazed. Not only by the crystal clear sound, the easy
operation, the huge selection of channels and the commercial free
stations; they are amazed by the fact they don't need to change
stations or search for RV parks with satellite hook ups and spend
time on hooking up their TV or radio systems.

In addition to the dozens of music, entertainment, news, and sports
channels you get with RV satellite radio, you can also get updated
weather reports so you can determine your routes and get alerts in
emergency cases.

There's no question about the huge impact of satellite radio
technology. So before you hit the road with your RV, make sure you
have a satellite radio installed and that you're subscribed to the right

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