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The types of XM radios available include; personal receivers, home
receivers, in-car receivers, plug-and-play receivers (which work both in
the car and at home).

Delphi XM SKYFi Radio Universal Add-on

The SKYFi is the best-selling plug-and-play satellite radio receiver. It
allows subscribers access to XM's 101 channels of music, news,
sports and entertainment programming in the vehicle or at home. This
unit has features such as a large 5-line display, 10-button direct
channel entry and 20 channel presets help users easily navigate the
XM radio service. SKYFi also gives listeners the ability to preview
and search XM channels by artist name and song title. A range of
accessory kits for the home, vehicle, or Delphi's on-the-go Audio
Systems are available separately, and make the SKYFi a very
potable device.

Delphi XM SKYFi2 Satellite Radio Tuner Universal Add-on

This is the second generation of the best-selling plug-and-play satellite
radio receiver. Delphi's SKYFi2 added more features to help you enjoy
XM Satellite Radio at home and on the road. The SKYFi2 features a
built-in FM transmitter which broadcasts XM directly to your vehicle's
FM radio. The receiver can also save the names of up to 20 songs,
and alert you when any one of them is playing on XM. Finally, the
SKYFi2 allows the user to create a scrolling stock quote list, and
select from an increased number of scrolling options, such as sports

Delphi Roady2 Receiver

The Roady2 is one of the smaller plug-and-play units on the market,
being up to 4 times smaller on average. The Roady2 has a built-in
wireless FM adapter, which allows quick and easy connection to your
car or home radio. This unit has a sleek new metallic gunmetal colored
body and gives the user a choice of seven different backlight colors.
The Roady2 is the first receiver to that can display up to 20
customized stock quotes.

The Terk XM Commander Satellite Radio Receiver

This satellite receiver works with all car stereos through either FM
modulation or direct-connect RCA line-out. It is aesthetically clean and
elegant, with an ultra low-profile design that blends inconspicuously with
all automotive interiors. The XM Commander comes complete with
everything you need for a quick and easy installation.

Delphi Portable Audio System for the XM SKYFi Radio Satellite Radio

The SKYFi Audio System is a "boom box"-sized device with 2 high
quality speakers and docking station for the SKYFi receiver. The
SKYFi radio system unit can be powered by 6 "D" cell batteries, which
allows users to experience XM satellite radio programming at virtually
any location. The unit can also be powered in the home or office
through the use of a compact AC adaptor.

The Sony DRN-XM01R Add-on XM Satellite Radio FM Bundle

Sony's DRN-XM01R XM Satellite Radio Receiver RF Modulator Car
Package requires the user to subscribe to the XM Satellite Radio
Service at to tune in. Included in this Car Bundle is
an RF Modulator and transportable receiver, making it ideal for car or
home use. Features such as Jog Roller Control for Easy Operation,
a Wireless Remote Commander Remote Control, 5 Channel Presets,
an Illuminated 2-Line Dot Matrix Display, Channel/Category Scroll
Functions, a 3 Step Back-Light, 8 Level Contrast Control, and a Line
Out Jack are also included.

The Delphi SKYFi XM Satellite Radio Home Adapter Kit

This adapter kit is for use with the SKYFi XM Satellite Radio receiver.
It includes a receiver stand (1-1/2Hx4Wx3D) with direct speaker
connectivity and a hi-gain antenna boasting a 20' cable for indoor or
outdoor mounting. An RCA audio cable is included, and lets you hook
the receiver up to your present home stereo or mini-system. The entire
unit is powered by an included 6-volt AC adapter.

The Delphi MyFi XM2Go Portable Tuner

Delphi's MyFi XM2go receiver allows you the freedom to roam
wherever you want, keeping XM with you. MyFi can be used as either
a portable player or a plug-and-play receiver, which means that you
can use it during your jogging sessions, in the car, or just while
relaxing at home. This unit allows the user to record up to five hours
of programming, allowing for later access. The MyFi receiver, two
kits that let you play the receiver through your home and car stereos,
earphones, a belt clip, a rechargeable battery, and a remote control
are all included in the box.

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