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The many applications a good PDA can offer these days are amazing.
Whether you are a business traveler, enjoying a vacation or just
going through your daily life, these palm devices are extremelly

One of the main applications of the PDA is the GPS navigation. The
PDA GPS can find the fastest and shortest directions to a destination
quickly and easily. If you make a wrong turn, you will be redirected
without incident. Finding your way in strange cities and towns has
never been easier. In addition to providing all the regular services of
a PDA including address retrieval, note taking, and calendar options,
the PDA GPS can also give you million of points of interest that you
will find convenient when looking for a hotel, gas station, ATM, or
restaurant. You will be able to retrieve addresses from your address
book or you can download maps from the Web.

With Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and Explorer, you will be able
to use your PDA as a PC. Enjoy sending instant messages, listening
to music, or writing notes with ease. There are many office functions
that you can do from your car or while receiving accurate driving
directions every time.

Satellite Navigation systems have undoubtedly become an ever
more important tool in the modern world, allowing users to plan
their journeys, and giving businesses the ability to make better use
of information. Satellite navigation gives users the ability to find out
exactly where they are, and the best route to their destination in
real time. This means that delivery drivers will not be able to get
lost, and thanks to the fact that most GPS and Satellite navigation
systems also integrate traffic information, drivers are able to avoid
busy stretches of road, and make their journey time shorter. While
the majority of Satellite navigation systems currently sold are stand
alone models that are limited to use in a vehicle, more and more
devices now have GPS integrated into them, and PDA GPS navigation
via a portable computer is fast becoming the preferred way of finding
your way.

The most popular method of getting a PDA GPS Navigation system is
by adding an extra function to a standard hand held computer such
as a Palm PDA. This method takes a regular PDA, and through the
addition of a plug in module and a piece of software, allows the
system to get its exact position from the GPS satellite network, and
then use that information in conjunction with mapping data to allow
you to plan your route.

pda gps

The advantage of this first method of producing PDA GPS Navigation
systems from an existing PDA is that it allows you to keep your
current handheld computer, and simply take the GPS module with you
whenever you need it. It allows you to turn a relatively low cost PDA
into a high end satellite navigation system quite quickly and easily.

Of course the main disadvantages of using a conversion kit to add
GPS functionality to a standard PDA are that you have to pay twice,
once for the PDA and once for the GPS, meaning that the overall cost
of the device may be a lot higher than a dedicated model. In addition
to this, the system will be a compromise of functionality, and the
overall effect including the display of the mapping data may not be
as good as on a dedicated device.

With a fully integrated PDA GPS Navigation system, made by a
specialist manufacturer such as Garmin, you get a well made device
that focuses on producing the highest quality information in an easy
to use and highly attractive casing. To some users, the idea of
integrating a GPS system into a PDA means that the system will be a
compromise, as quite a lot of the space inside the unit which would
previously have been used for the PDA functions will be given over to
use for the GPS antenna. But this is not generally the case, and
provided that you choose a PDA GPS Navigation from a top
manufacturer, you will be guaranteed an excellent system.

A good, reliable PDA or Palm GPS can definitely serve car owners
who resist getting a new car with an expensive in-dash GPS receiver.
PDAs are equiped with powerful processors, high resolution displays,
built-in antennas for GPS navigation and updated maps. After a few
minutes, during which the GPS receiver detects satellite signals, you
can see your position on a map, provided you've installed the
appropriate maps from the specific software.

On some models, in order to upload maps, you start by installing the
MapSource desktop software, which lets you pick and choose which
ones to install. Usually you've got all of the continental United States
and much of southern Canada to choose from; you're limited only by
the available storage space on the handheld. If you want to put a
lot of other apps on your handheld, you can keep maps on a special

Maps on PDAs aren't just about streets and highways. They come
with a searchable database of useful locations for travelers that
includes lodging, restaurants, points of interest, and even ATMs.
Good software applications can provide highly useful features. For
example, the routing application lets you specify directions for
pedestrians, in which case the software disregards one-way streets.

There is no doubt that PDA GPS systems are going to be the most
popular navigation tools in the years to come. The main challenge
will be to select the specific model that fits your specific needs.

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