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Compact Flash, also abbreviated to CF is a standard that laptops
and PDAs such as Palm and Pocket PC can use. Compact Flash
typically uses flash memory and was originally developed as a type
of data storage device. Since then, many additional applications
utilizing CF technology has developed - including GPS.

Compact Flash GPS receivers are an inexpensive and flexible
alternative to traditional navigation systems. Simply plug it into you
PDA or laptop CF card slot and place the computer in a convenient
spot in your vehicle. The unit consumes very little power, which is
supplied by the PDA or laptop. These units have built-in active
antennas which are fine in most situations; however, reception will
be further enhanced with an external antenna.

So when you buy a Compact Flash GPS, you should understand that
this is in fact a serial gps unit with a serial CF converter, that when
inserted emulates a serial port as if was directly attached. Compact
flash gps receivers are the perfect answer for anyone who wants to
navigate both in and out of their car. No external power supply is
needed as these units are powered directly from the device they are
inserted to.

Unlike traditional GPS receivers which require separate antennas or
wires, the Compact Flash GPS is an integrated receiver with a built-in
patch antenna designed to fit directly into the Compact Flash or
PCMCIA slot. It has an exceptional accuracy of WAAS which makes it
ideal for detailed turn-by-turn mapping. Usually it's an inexpensive,
flexible alternative to traditional navigation systems. and since it's
attached to other computing devices, it's truly transportable. Insert
it into your PDA and place it in a convenient spot in your car and enjoy
the benefits of using your additional mapping software for intelligent
route calculation and voice-prompted, turn-by-turn navigation

cf gps

Compact Flash GPS Receivers are great for both in-car usage, for
street routing applications, or for out of car use like for walking or
hiking. These systems are usually compact, but do run on the power
provided by your Pocket PC or Palm (or Laptop), so if you know that
your average battery power for your PDA is say 5 hours, in most
cases you will only see around 2-3 hours use with GPS receiver. You
could connect your PDA to a car cigarette lighter. An optional
external antenna is available and highly recommended for in car
navigation. It has a cable and a magnetic base so it can be easily
fastened to the roof of a car.

The great advantage of the Compact Flash GPS is that it is designed
to affordably add navigation capabilities to any device that has a
compact flash slot. When the Compact Flash GPS is fully compatible
with NMEA 0183, it works with just about any NMEA navigation
software. Once placed in view of the sky, the highly sensitive
antenna pulls in signal from up to 12 satellites simultaneously.

Connecting a Compact Flash GPS is easy. It usually functions in both
CF Type 1 and CF Type 2 compatible slots. For Pocket PC PDAs, there
are no drivers necessary for the system to recognize the card. For
laptops, there is an easy to use mini-CD that sets up the GPS with
just a few mouse clicks. Laptop users will need a Compact Flash to
PCCARD adapter, sold separately.

So if you do not have a built in GPS installed in your car, you can still
enjoy GPS navigation with a Compact Flash GPS. Now you can easily
turn your pocket pc, palm or even laptop into an advanced personal
GPS navigator. Complete GPS kits include everything you need for
use inside a car. Your new GPS device will not only find the quickest
route to your destination, it will also guides you with clear and simple
voice instructions. You will hear turn-by-turn voice instructions and
see your location displayed on a moving map as you drive. Even if
you get off track, you will be rerouted within seconds. GPS navigation
has never been this easy and affordable! And don't forget that the
complete GPS navigation kit is portable from car to car so you can
take it with you wherever you go.

Compared with the expense of traditional in-car satellite navigation,
the Compact Flash GPS can enable an alternative at a fraction of the

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