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If you're driving with a laptop gps or a pda gps and you place them
on the chair near you, the GPS mounts may not interest you too
much. Well, that is until a sudden break smashes your portable GPS
on the front dashboard... But if you need to secure your GPS and
operate it in a more convenient way, then you should be very
interested in GPS mounting.

GPS mount is a revolutionary universal ball and socket mounting
system that allows you to mount your GPS device wherever you
need it. Whether its in an aircraft, automobile, boat, delivery truck,
farming vehicle, snowmobile, motorcycle, fork lift or any other
situation, GPS mount can provide you with lots of options to your
most challenging GPS mounting problems. GPS mount will help you
make a professional mounting job easy and affordable. It's easy
to install, it's mobile, it's strong, it's durable and it protects your GPS
from vibrations. To provide light weight strength and corrosion
resistance, GPS mount is usually made of marine grade aluminum
with a powder coated finish, stainless steel hardware and rubber

Securing your GPS with mounts is ideal for keeping your navigation
device in the perfect viewing position when on the move. Moreover,
it allows you to mount your GPS in the optimum position in your car,
truck, motorcycle, or just about anywhere.

gps mount

It is vital to get the proper mount in order to secure your GPS device
so that it is less likely to get damaged. In fact, it is quite tough to
find the perfect GPS mount subsequent to your initial purchase of the
GPS device, since your retailer may no longer hold inventory of GPS
mounts suited to older GPS equipment. You may need to spend some
time and effort trawling through the Internet's various auction sites
to find a GPS mount for an older device. For this particular reason
alone, after you have decided on the GPS device you plan to buy,
you should also consider buying the GPS mount at the same time
since your retailer might be able to recommend one that fits your
device and its intended use.

There is a wide variety of GPS mounts designed for various purposes.
For those who are not familiar with their GPS devices, some mistakes
may be made in the process of purchasing GPS mounts. Some
examples of different mounts available include:
* Aviation mounts - this type of mount gives the pilot an option of
positioning the mount over or under the yoke depending on their
requirements. Some pilots may even bring along their own portable
GPS mount and fix it to an area where they prefer.
* Marine GPS mounts are generally used by boaters to fix it onto their
marine craft so that they are able to use the GPS device with ease.
Like aviation units, most of the marine units are easily removable for
safe-keeping and convenience.
* Laptop GPS mounts for fleet vehicles. Therefore the dealer of the
GPS mount has to ensure that the mount has the same specifications
to fit all the vehicles in the fleet.

Vehicle GPS mounts are easy to install and provide quick access to
the GPS, allowing you to take it out with you at your destination.
Here are a few guidelines for installing your mounts:
* Clean the area of your window where you will install the mount.
Spray the windshield with a window or glass cleaner and wipe with
a paper towel.
* Place the suction cup on the windshield, making sure it does not
create a blind spot. Press down to produce suction.
* Insert your GPS into the mount holder. Adjust so you can read the
screen clearly while still paying attention to the road. Most GPS
mounts have a swivel feature for easy adjustment.

If you attach a GPS to a vehicle using its dashboard mount:
* Clear away dust from your dashboard using a soft cloth. A
disposable dusting cloth works well. If the mount you have chosen
attaches to the air vents, clean those as well.
* Choose the placement of the GPS mount by holding it up to multiple
areas of the dashboard. The internal antenna needs a clear view of
the sky to receive signals. Make sure your view of the road is not
* Remove the double sticky tape from the bottom of the GPS mount.
Try to avoid contact with dirt or dust.
* Place the base of the mount on the spot you have chosen. Press
down to adhere the base to the dashboard.
* Fit your GPS into the mount holder. Swivel the holder around while
experimenting with a variety of angles. Find a placement that is
comfortable to use and allows you to drive safely.

Once you know your GPS is securely attached to the mounting
system, it gives you the peace of mind to focus on the navigating

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