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Vehicle tracking systems are electronic devices attached in the
vehicles that allow vehicle owners or fleet operators to determine
the location of the vehicle. Today almost all vehicle-tracking systems
use GPS or a combination of cellular and satellite transmitters to
communicate the vehicle’s position. The information is later shown
on the electronic map by using special tracking software via Internet.

The GPS tracking software is not only used for locating any vehicle
but also determining the position of vessels, wildlife, pet, satellite,
marine tracking and also for mapping and navigation. Here we will
discuss about the general procedure and also the types of tracking

GPS tracking software is basically what makes GPS tracking devices
work. This type of software enables a tracking device to transmit a
signal which will be sent to satellites set up in space. The space
satellites, in return, narrow down the devices geographic location.
The location information returned is usually in latitude and longitude,
which is then converted by a decoder into a recognizable address.

GPS tracking software was first used by the American Department of
Defense, originally using 21 satellites and 3 replacement satellites.
The software was primarily made for aviation, nautical navigation
and land navigation. The GPS tracking software is a very intelligent
system. The GPS satellites set up in orbit, transmits signals that track
the exact location of a GPS receiver, be it a vehicle, mobile phone, or
other forms of transportation or tracking devices. Now, the satellites
have increased to 30 resulting to a wider range of GPS locations.
However a GPS tracking software may also locate vehicles or persons
that are not in possession of a GPS receiver. To quickly obtain a
location, it will just need an unobstructed view of the satellites.

gps software

GPS was originally named NAVSTAR which stands for Navigation
System for Timing and Ranging, now we have come to know it as
GPS or Global Positioning system. The GPS tracking software has
been very helpful in the field of navigation, as traveling in
unchartered territories have not been easy since especially during
bad weathers. As such, the GPS tracking software was built primarily
for traveling in unknown routes, indicating the exact location of a
moving vehicle in order to calculate what routes should be taken to
assist it in reaching its prospective destinations.

The tracking software is also what enables huge delivery trucks in
the U.S. to know their locations and inform their base headquarters
of where they are. The tracking software allows this because the
user can interact with the tracking unit in several ways. Through the
GPS tracking software, a two-way communication between the truck
driver and base headquarters can be done, in order to check on the
status of the delivery truck on its way to its target destination.

Technology has once again proven that there are more inventions to
be made in order to make our travels more safe and precise. With
the vast sea and land with which seafarers and land farers must
travel, the GPS tracking software is indeed the perfect tool to help
them assess their movement, whether they are traveling in sky or
water, or land. The best thing which anybody can say about having
the GPS software is that for as long as there is no obstruction of the
satellite signals, you can determine where you are and where you
should be heading. However, should you be in the middle of a forest,
then it will cause a bit of a problem for tracking your location with a

As far as vehicle tracking is concerned the use of tracking software
really make a large difference in the business of fleet management
in several ways. Better information about the movement of the
vehicle helps in managing the vehicle in a productive way in terms of
fuel uses and time management thereby reducing the entire cost
incurred in fleet management. So better information access or better
guidance of the driver increases the efficiency of the drivers and also
better use of the vehicle.

Again a well-developed tracking unit with a good tracking software
helps in providing time-by-time information to the customer including
dispatch time, vehicle location and expected time for the product
delivery. Also the tracking software is useful in tracing a loss or
missing vehicle from any parts of the world with the help of Internet.
Thus, this technology really makes a big difference in both personal
and business purpose. So if you are a vehicle owner then use this
technology for better control of your vehicle.

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