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GPS tracking means to trace something or someone with the GPS
system. Nowadays GPS makes it available to everyone to track
nearly everthing. Objects as well as persons can be tracked if they
are fitted out with a GPS receiver estimating their respective location.

The GPS location data is stored on board of the GPS receiver. Modern
GPS tracking systems are able to send such GPS position data from
the object directly to a receiving station. A receiving station can be
a stationary receiver of a tracking service company, a provider of a
mobile phone company, or just a PC. Nowadays the GPS location
data can be also received by small mobile gadgets like laptops,
handsets etc.

Today GPS tracking is integrated into a couple of industrial and public
applications like GPS car tracking, GPS car navigation, GPS marine
tracking, GPS personal tracking, GPS wildlife tracking and so on.
Companies can track their fleets as well as their employees. Parent
can track their children. Police can track stolen cars. Boats can be
tracked on any waters. And so on.

GPS tracking systems are continuously offering something new and
amazing for our use. The tracking devices can be installed, portable
or wireless. They can be weatherproof, without the worry of the
weather interfering. And if you would like to have your GPS tracking
system to be wireless, there are plenty of options out there for that
as well. Consider options such as BlueTooth which allows you to
access all that you need to even when there is no way to plug in to
the units.

Another thing to take into consideration when purchasing your GPS
tracking system is the ability to purchase a system that will be
upgradeable. You should be able to plug in and upgrade or to use
specific software that is provided. Sometimes, this can be an
additional cost, but if you want to have the latest data and
technology, it is money that is well spent too.

To get the latest and the greatest in GPS tracking means investing
money. While the newest products are going to cost you more than
the older models, it is safe to say that they add a bit more thrill to
the unit and to using it too.

A new and interesting GPS tracking field is wildlife tracking. For most
of us GPS tracking means probably GPS vehicle tracking systems,
but there are even more spectacular applications in quite different
fields. GPS wildlife tracking (or GPS telemetry) is another high-
potential growth area for GPS applications. With ever smaller
dimensions and weights and the availability of solar cell power,
these devices can be used in a growing number of cases.

Collecting GPS data is one thing, but reading the data is often more
complicated - especially in real-time. The simpler passive units store
the data in internal memory. Data can only be read, once the unit is
retrieved by the user or sometimes when the unit comes within the
reach of a radio connection between the unit and a (portable)
receiver. More sophisticated GPS wildlife tracking units send the
data via a cellular phone network in regular time intervals or on
demand in the case of units with two-way communication. It is
obvious that this only can function within the coverage area of the
cellular phone network.

Two-way communication has the extra advantage that the
programming of the unit can be modified, even with the unit in use
and at distance. This way the user can change the time intervals
between reports, or even met the unit in a pause position.

There is no doubt that GPS tracking will be one of the fastest
developing fields in the GPS technology.

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