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GPS cards are a very useful piece of technology. It doesn't matter if
you are driving a car or if you're sailing in your boat. It doesn't even
matter if you have a PDA or Laptop with you. A GPS card is now part
of many different kinds of technological tools. It can be used with a
PDA, a laptop, PC, or the PDA devices containing CF technology. Any
of these gadgets has been engineered to use a GPS card and
provide navigation capabilities.

The GPS card is actually enhancing the added value of these tools
for the savy consumer. While it may not be a standard feature on
every PDA just yet, a GPS Card adds significant value to the little
portable device. Being inserted into the expansion slot in a PDA or
laptop, it lets you download GPS software that will prevent you
from getting lost. Most PDA GPS card work wonderfully, but
remember they arenít all interchangeable.

gps card

Obviously, you can't add any GPS card to a PDA, you must be sure
that you're getting the right GPS card for your model. To find your
way to any destination, you'll need the right card, otherwise it's
completely useless. Once you insert the right GPS card, you can
activate your laptop or PDA as a GPS and start navigation your way
around. With a GPS card you will be able to track down a route no
matter where you are.

You may wonder though, why are we telling you to add a GPS card
to a PDA or Laptop and not just buy a dedicated GPS device. Well,
a specialized, dedicated GPS device is always a great choice.
These days the GPS devices are getting cheaper and their quality
is better than ever. So if you can afford and need a GPS, get one.

The GPS card is useful in case you already have a PDA or Laptop
and you don't want to buy a separate GPS device. Also, if you
need to find your way around just once in while and not on a daily
basis, the card is a good idea. Another great use of a GPS card is
when a Laptop or PDA is serving several employees and the
company doesn't want to buy separate GPS devices for all the

While most often used by those living in the city to receive driving
directions or simply to take a look at a map of an area they will
find themselves in, this little component has become a staple item
not only for its functionality but also because of the peace of mind
it does provide, even if you will never use it too often.

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