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Who would expect to see GPS technology at a golf game a few years
ago? It makes sense to reach the golf course with a GPS device if it's
your first time. But using GPS for golf?

Indeed, today it's a fact. Although many golf players wouldnít think
to associate golf with GPS technology, the technology prevails once
again. The huge wave of technological washed the golf game as well.

The basic idea behind golf GPS is the same as with any other field
which uses GPS navigation. First, the player can know exactly his
position on the field. In golf it means to know where you are, where
your ball is, and where you are hoping to get the ball into. The Golf
GPS device generally comes in a handheld form that functions as a
guide to distance and yardage, more than anything else.

Basically, golf players use rangefinders to locate the distance from
the ball to the hole or another desired location and then select the
club to accommodate the shot they need to make. For some, using
technology takes much of the mystery out of the game. Others
leave it up to the individual golfer, maintaining that using a
rangefinder to get ahead isnít cheating but is rather using all
available resources to conquer golf and get ahead.

Regardless of what many players think about golfing with a golf
GPS system as a rangefinder, the technology involved is simply a
marvel to behold. They are becoming more and more sophisticated
offering an abundance of features that can tabulate everything
from the wind force to the downward slope of the green.

golf gps

There is an entire series of items available that contribute to creating
a monster machine that will serve as your rangefinder. This all comes
at a price, however, and for some that price is the honor of playing
a clean game of golf.

Many people that swear by using golf GPS take the advantage to
their play all in stride. Effectively, it still takes human power to drive
the ball and move it closer to the hole. They claim that by knowing
the distance and other variables, they are merely adding information
and not skill to their game and, therefore, it isnít cheating.

Others claim that by using golf GPS to determine a clear line of sight
or reflective target for your shot, you are taking the exciting
guesswork out of golf. That guesswork, according to GPS detractors,
is a skill in the game of golf.

It seems that anything that can enhance a golfer's enjoyment of
the game is a valuable addition to the game of golf. And GPS Golf is
no different, it adds to the golfer's enjoyment of the game. The
distance measuring component helps players with club selection
strategy by providing accurate yardage to the green and key
hazards. It saves time - because it eliminated the need to search
the fairway for sprinkler heads and yardage markers - and that
means improved pace of play.

Add to these features the convenience of ordering food and
beverages directly from your cart, or knowing the weather and it
will become obvious just how strong the golf GPS products are in
delivering the types of information and communication systems
that will enhance the overall golf experience in ways that the golfers
will appreciate and remember.

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