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Although GPS devices are becoming an integrated feature of our
daily lives - just like cell phones or palm computers, not everybody
wants to order a new car with a built-in GPS. After all, if you don't
need the navigation features on a regular basis, you don't have to
order it with your car. Moreover, if you change cars or if you're a
mobile person, taking with you a laptop, a cell phone and other
devices, you don't need a separate GPS as well.

In these cases, the best solution is to buy a USB GPS and plug it
into the notebook. Just like PDAs and laptops, notebooks can be
easily turned into sophisticated and very useful GPS navigation
devices. It's even better than using a PDA because the portable
and hand held units usually have very small screens and very
limited features. With a GPS notebook you can use your notebook's
screen, keyboard and speaker. You can even upload powerful
software, way beyond basic street navigation.

notebook gps

So all you need to do is to buy a GPS receiver and plug it into your
notebook's USB port. You get everything you need for real-time
mobile GPS direction and mapping capabilities. If you're driving,
you've just got yourself a full operational GPS system. You're ready
to plan trips, locate destinations and find points of interest such as
hotels and restaurants. Your navigational solution operates using
your notebook's power source and provides precise information on
your location and how to get to your destination. And if you need
to leave your car, disconnect the USB port and take the notebook
with you. Simple as that.

GPS for notebooks can be also used on a boat, not only offshore. In
fact you can use it anywhere. The system has many useful features:
* Turns your notebook into a GPS navigator
* Voice-prompting capabilities supported through your notebook
allow you to keep your eyes on the road
* Auto routing for added convenience
* 2D map capability for easy-to-read maps
* Software like MapSource City Select and nRoute software provides
detailed turn-by-turn coverage
* USB 2.0 interface for a quick and simple connection; powered
through USB port
* Optional integrated magnetic base and windshield mount can
ensure the system remains stabile

So if you do not want to spend money on a dedicated GPS system
and you prefer the benefits of a notebook over the small and limited
PDA's options, the GPS notebook is your best solution.

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