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Although most driving navigation devices are targeting cars and
vehicles, the motorcycle GPS market is developing very fast.
Basically, GPS devices that guide car drivers can guide motorcyclists
as well. The maps are the same and the satellite network is the
same. And yet there are many differences. After all, driving in a
closed car is not like riding a motorcycle. Also, motorcycles can use
routes that cars can't.

The GPS devices for motorcycles have unique features:
* Motorcycle GPS are rugged and waterproof. They should be able to
face tough weather conditions as well as all kind of tracks
* Motorcycle GPS comes with RAM mounting hardware that fits almost
any bike and wireless headset for high quality voice instructions
inside the helmet
* Motorcycle GPS features easy to use software with quick
destination selection
* The Motorcycle GPS has to display the information very clearly, if
possible in crystal-clear 3D graphics and smooth-scrolling map display
* The motorcycle GPS has to be safe and secure, with simplified
drive-mode instructions
* The motorcycle GPS's display has to be a glove-friendly
* The Motorcycle GPS has to be securely docked on the motorcycle

motorcycle gps

Any biker who wants to use a GPS will have to make sure it includes
all these features. Compromising on a motorcycle GPS will make it
almost impossible to reach your destination safely, unless you use it
as a basic portable GPS. Nothing can be more frustrating than not
being able to find your way. That's why more and more motorcycle
riders are getting a motorcycle GPS. The selection of motorcycle GPS
is not that large, so itís easy to decide on what to get especially if
you did a research about what you are looking for in a motorcycle

If you are planning to get a motorcycle GPS system for your
motorcycle, you should expect that itís going to be pretty costly.
Costly Motorcycle GPS includes the Garmin Quest 2 Autorouting GPS
with RAM Motorcycle Mount. When you attach this motorcycle GPS
system to your motorcycle, it will show you all residential and rural
streets and businesses within United States, Puerto Rico and
Canada. This GPS has enough storage space (140MB) for you to
download maps. It comes with a mount, weighs only 5.5 ounces and
lets you easily find locations because it can store up to 50 routes.
This motorcycle GPS system costs around $590.

A more inexpensive motorcycle GPS is the Garmin Quest Autorouting
GPS with RAM Motorcycle GPS Mount and Garmin Cradle, that is, if
your budget on your motorcycle is less than $600. This is a good
option for an average price of around $450 dollars. It will safely
bring you to where you are going because it has voice prompts that
will give you warnings and upcoming turns to take. It also has a
"one button home" system, which will give you directions home no
matter where you are. It has a good memory that will help you
retrace your steps back because it has the ability to save ten
thousand previous points that you have driven past or you have

But there are also inexpensive devices for motorcycle GPS. At just
under $500, the cheapest motorcycle GPS system is Garmin Quest
Autorouting GPS with RAM Motorcycle GPS Mount. The reason it has
the lowest price compared to other motorcycle GPS is it has small
screen, which measures only 2.2"W x 1.5"H. The colored screen
makes it a bit easier to use and read the instructions when riding at
night. This device is perfect for short distance traveling only. It is not
advisable for long distance traveling, and it is considered useless if
you will leave the country for the reason that it has limited memory;
it only has 115 MB of memory and the only function of this is to
display US maps.

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