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A street map is a map showing roads and streets in a district or
entire city. All you have to do is to enter a local tourism office or
hotel and grab a map. Now, all you have to do is to open the map,
identify your location and start navigating. Only that in many cases,
this is history.

Today you can add specific street maps directly into your GPS
device. Whether you have a palm, a portable or a cellphone, you
can browse the streets using your own GPS. GPS street maps are
the best and most comfortable way to find your way in new cities,
communities or geographic areas. If you are driving to an unfamiliar
area, or are simply prone to getting lost in your own backyard, a
street map is indispensable for getting you to your location.

street map

Only that GPS street maps are much more than knowing your
location and moving from one street to another. It's really no big
deal to use the GPS device for driving or walking from one local
address to another. The new GPS software is not just about
passive street links, it's about useful, practical and detailed
information. In fact, it's about life on the streets you're navigating.
The advantage of these systems is that they don't only show you
where you are and where you need to go, but to actually guide
you through the local daily life.

For example, suppose you arrived with your family in a city you've
never been before for a short vacation. First, the street map will
guide you to your hotel. Once you're accommodated, the GPS street
map will show you the local attractions and sites, showing you how
to get to each one of them. If you're driving, you'll probably need
gas. No problem! The GPS street map will show you the location of
the nearest gas stations and how to get there.

Now suppose it's evening and you children are hungry. You need a
restaurant. Usually, you'd walk around the city's center and enter
the first opened restaurant, right? Well, not anymore. The street
map will give you a list of close opened restaurants, the kind of food
they serve and the walking directions. Simple as that!

The GPS will also tell you about chain stores, public traffic in your
area, undergrounds, emergency services and so on. Obviously, the
more information the software comprises and the more powerful
your device, the more sophisticated its uses.

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