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The GPS fleet tracking system has been developed to provide the
precise location of a vehicleor a fleet of vehicles. The information
delivered by the tracking system can be in real time or accumulated
in a historic related report. Today, managers and company owners
install GPS tracking systems into their cars to track their employees,
to follow their routes, to prevent theft and so on. You'll know
exactly if your employees are using your vehicle for the proper
objectives, if they are using it on weekends or holidays, if they’re
exceeding a speed limit or abusing your vehicle or if they're taking
long breaks.

Besides the vehicle's location, a high quality tracking system will
also provide additional data like exceeded speed, high speed
warnings, and other safety issues. It can even give you a report of
all your vehicles speeds during that past 30 or 90 days.

GPS fleet tracking solutions provide real time as well as historical
tracking information for fleet managers, owners and dispatchers. It
improves fleet productivity, accountability, and profitability. GPS fleet
tracking solutions offer both real-time tracking and historical data
review for small or enterprise fleets. The tracking software enhances
fleet efficiency and provides insight into vehicle and employee activity
resulting in monthly savings for your business.

gps fleet tracking

Here are some of the general benefits of the GPS fleet tracking
* Speed control of vehicles
* Improved control of employees
* Lower fuel expenses
* Lower maintenance costs
* Lower insurance
* Accurate billing information
* Accident reduction

Real-time GPS fleet tracking managment is frequently used for
dispatching, or when vehicles are located in different areas,
branches, cities or states, and need to be tracked online from
multiple locations. It is also utilized when there is a need for fleet
management throughout the day or when customer service is your
top businesses priority. With real-time fleet tracking software, a
dispatcher can see where the fleet is within minutes and direct a
driver to a new call in the same area saving time, gas and money.

Historical GPS vehicle tracking systems are useful for vehicle and
driver accountability, route verification at the end of the day, billing,
and where the user desires a one-time investment without having
to pay monthly service fees for data transfer. Historical vehicle
tracking can provide more specific route data by being able to
record track information more frequently than the typical updates
of a real time system.

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