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The modern world's children are highly mobile. The effective and
cheap transportation makes it easier for them to travel from one
place to another; the personal cell phones enable continuous
communication; the internet enables better planning of their free
time. All these factors have created a much more mobile generation.

The problem with this extensive mobility is that parents need better
and more efficient surveillance devices. And that's exactly why the
development of the GPS child locator became such a necessity.

The GPS (global positioning system) child locator devices are a
godsend for parents. The handy GPS come in different shapes, from
devices that are small as the size of a button to the size of a watch.
As time goes by, they'll probably become smaller and smaller.

But in order for the child GPS locators to be effective, they must be
user friendly for both the kids and the parents. If a parent won't
understand how to use it, then not only the detection device will
become useless, it may even cause additional panic and

In order to use the GPS child locator properly, the parent will have
to learn its basics. Most GPS child locator systems work in one of two
ways: the location of your child can be accessed through a computer
or by calling a GPS service.

gps locator

The most effective child locators are devices that use both GPS and
cell phone. The GPS can show the exact location of the child, just like
any other GPS device. The cell phone is important for communication

Child locators such as Wherifone have GPS tracking as well as cell
phone capability. You can store up to 20 phone numbers and the
first 3 are accessible by a push of a single button, making these
phones easy to use for younger children.

Obviously, it's not enough to learn how to operate the GPS child
locator. As a parent you'll have to teach your children how to use it
and to make sure they'll be able to operate it even if they are under

If a child becomes lost or scared, he can access emergency services
by simply pressing 2 buttons. If the GPS child locator is equipped
with cell phone usage, the child presses one of the emergency
contact buttons on the locator.

Another important element every parent should be aware of is the
limits of GPS child locators. The limit on the distance a unit can
effectively locate your child depends on the model. Some locators
will work up to 600 feet, while other more expensive models can
track your child just about anywhere. The range of coverage
depends on the cell network available within a region, as this
provides the raw data for the area in which the device is located.
However, if there is mobile phone coverage, there will be location

When looking to buy a new GPS locator, try to find a locator that
offers real-time tracking capability. Using real-time to track your child
ensures the accuracy of your child's location and helps you or
emergency services find your child more quickly.

Read the features on the GPS child locator before you purchase it.
Some locators do not work in moving vehicles and others will work
only up to a few feet. Also, be aware that some GPS child locators
do not work in densely wooded areas or wood frame houses and

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