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When a GPS receiver is linked to a communication module and the
tracking device is installed in a vehicle, you can detect its location
very easy. Each device attached to a vehicle is assigned a unique
code that will identify it from many other vehicles that have GPS

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems serves several purposes. For example,
drivers will have directions to get from one point to the other. Or,
another purpose is to provide information to dispatchers in regards
to the behavior of a fleet of vehicles. This capability allows the
dispatchers to obtain higher efficiencies.

One of the most interesting and useful benefits os the GPS vehicle
tracking devices is preventing car theft, or more precisely - finding
a stolen car. When a vehicle that has a GPS tracking device is
stolen, the police will be able to locate the stolen car in minutes.
The GPS device will tell them exactly where it is. Well, that is unless
the thieves noticed the GPS device on time...

gps tracking

GPS vehicle tracking is being used by car manufacturers and dealers
for maintenance purposes. Manufacturers and dealers can keep track
of the usage of the car and notify the car's owner when it's time to
bring in the vehicle for maintenance service. Moreover, in case you
have an accident or an engine failure, the service company will know
exactly where you are without bothering you with questions. If,
along with the GPS coordinates, the system relays telemetry
information such as the status of the engine, time since the last
service, or even information relating to defects, the receiver of this
information can make effective decision as to what kind of repairs
you need.

GPS Vehicle Tracking and Assets Tracking also opens up the
possibility to allow for tracking in which GPS devices are used to
share location and telemetry information between several mobile
resources that are looking for the same objective. For this type of
use, the GPS devices communicate among themselves, providing the
environment for a coordinated effort by sharing on-line, vital
information in real time.

The GPS tracking system can be updated as often as 2 minutes, or
as rare as half an hour. In many cases, you may adjust the
frequency to your own needs. Anyway, every 2 or 5 minutes should
be perfectly enough to track your vehicle.

There is no doubt that GPS tracking devices will soon become a
'must-have' accessory in any vehicle. Its benefits are so evident
that no driver will feel secure to hit the road without it.

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