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If your PDA is too small for you, you can definitely use a Laptop GPS.
Laptop GPS offers many additional improvements to the benefits of
PDA GPS. A laptop's large screen and increased memory allow almost
unlimited mapping capabilities. And similar to a PDA, laptop GPS is
achieved by either connection to a separate GPS receiver, or by
using a GPS PCMCIA card. A laptop GPS will be able to run the most
sophisticated mapping software while having the clearest display.
On the second hand, being much heavier and requesting higher
energy, its uses are a bit more limited than a PDA.

If you're serious about taking your business with you while traveling,
the laptop gps is the perfect option. Obviously they are too valuable
to be left behind in the car, not to mention the valuable information
stored on the hard drive. Damage to the hard drive from shock and
vibration is inevitable if the laptop is not secured or properly installed.
So although it's not handy like a PDA, for a business that appreciates
the importance of utilizing time and resources, the laptop gps is a
complete mobile office solution.

Mounting the laptop in your vehicle allows you to complete work in
the field and transfer data without having to return to the office and
waste company time. It also creates a perfect work environment due
to its ease of use, range and ergonomics.

Almost every industry in North America is taking advantage of this
ingenious and useful tool and its many applications. Whether using
GPS software, navigation, mapping or DVD while on holidays or
entertaining the kids in the back seat, the mount serves many
purposes and resolves the issue of anyone wanting to have a secure
place for their laptop in the vehicle.

If you want to collect information from your GPS and store it on your
computer to analyze and process it for various applications, no
problem. All it takes is to connect a cable with the laptop and use
a software client to read the GPS data. A laptop GPS can be the
perfect option.

laptop gps

There are many instances for using laptop GPS. For example, train
companies can monitor through their GPS receivers connected to a
laptop GPS, how and if their trains skid on leaves or ice. Or divers
searching for logging information about the topography beneath
their boats. Most of the software needed is free of cost and all that
is required is a GPS receiver, sonar for measuring depth, a laptop
GPS that has a Windows Operating System plus software to collect
data and some plastic bags to keep it all dry. If you add COM ports
to your laptop GPS you may also be able to add temperature sensors,
salinometres or current metres, getting 3D images of the sea floor.

The more basic use of laptop GPS is basic navigation. You can use it
to find your location or get from one point to another while traveling
places where finding the right direction may become a bit difficult.

Using the laptop GPS is no great whoop and all it takes is to install
the software and plug the GPS receiver into the laptop via its USB
port. The GPS mapping software that usually comes along with GPS
systems is similarly easy to install and after that, all you have to do
is to configure the laptop GPS for optimal settings before embarking
on a trip or adventure.

Today's laptop GPS’s have many innovative features such as voice
direction, touch screen display, high sensitivity GPS receivers, WAAS
technology, Bluetooth capability, and MP3 player functionality. Laptop
GPS technology has created a real impact in the technological world.
GPS gadgets could be used in cars to get the fastest and safest
route possible to your destination without ever getting lost. Laptop
GPS can be used as a direction finder, while you drive around and to
discover the nearby tourist places of interest. If you are moving to a
new city, or a vacation to an unfamiliar destination laptop GPS can
chart out a trip, making your travel a smooth affair.

Laptop GPS allows you the freedom to store useful information that
could be utilized at a later date. A good example would be land
surveyors and town planners who can use a laptop GPS to create
maps of properties and roads.

Laptop GPS is highly effective in helping police forces to reach a site
of a crime in the fastest possible time. The device enables them to
get to the crime spot in no time making use of the querying for
direction method.

The functions of laptop GPS are indeed countless and the only
barriers that stand between you and the best-suited model would
only be your needs and the budget. Weigh these options carefully
and make a final decision.

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